Atomization Powder Manufacturing Equipment
Atomization Powder Manufacturing Equipments are used to produce metal's made of metal powders. As these equipments are fully automatic, they make the work hassle free, without consuming more time. These equipment helps in reducing the requirement of metal removal process.
Alloy Powders
These Alloy Powders blended in a high energy to produce a homogeneous material. We offer these alloy in the ball form and pure powder for the higher efficiency of the work.
Continuous Graphite Purification Furnace
We offer these Continuous Graphite Purification Furnace with innovative technology for the chemical industry. These equipments are available to generate temperature up to 2800 degree Celsius. These machines are widely used for the heating, refining and purifying graphite.
CVD Furnace
These CVD Furnace are widely used in the chemical, automotive, metalworking and other segments.  The main function of these machines is to carry out the chemical vapor deposition process. We offer these equipment with innovative deposition chamber.
Mesh Belt Sinter Furnace
The main function of these Mesh Belt Sinter Furnace is to heat the solid-state mineral like sinter, iron without liquifying it. These machines produce the material into semi liquid form with some change in the chemical properties of the mineral.
Reduction Furnace
These are cylindrical Reduction Furnace and rotated slowly on longitudinal axis. Further, these equipments blend and stir the mineral. We offer these furnaces with innovative technology and trim mineral like iron, copper into gentle pieces.
Rotary Furnace
These Rotary Furnaces are designed in the cylindrical style. These devices have very wide functions such as roasting, trimming, blending, stirring and many more. Further, these machines are used in the cement, lime, metal, alumina etc.
Steel Belt Furnace
The Steel Belt Furnace is made in tunnel design to carry out the process. These equipments run with the help of the conveyor or belt to heat up the chamber for thermal processing.
Tube Furnace
The entire Tube Furnace is made of stainless steel with good coating to assure its corrosion resistance. This device runs by electricity and is used to heat materials. Further, these devices are used to filter inorganic materials also.
Vacuum Annealing Furnace
These Vacuum Annealing Furnace are used for carrying out the process of heating the material. After this, the metal rests in the air to cool it to the room temperature. These equipment soften the various metals like copper, iron etc, and then are prepared for the forming process.
Vacuum Brazing Furnace
Apart from heating process, these Vacuum Brazing Furnace are used for joining the small pieces delicately. But, it is different from welding and provides a considerable strength to the product. Due to its vacuum quality, it make products highly corrosion resistant.
Vacuum Debinding Furnace
These Vacuum Debinding Furnace is widely used in the metallurgical industry. The vacuum quality of these machines makes the product free from oxidation. These electrical operated machines provide heat treatment to the products.
Vacuum Diffusion Bonding Furnace
The surrounding vacuum in these Vacuum Diffusion Bonding Furnace makes the products free from the effects of oxidation. These machines are fully automatic and are widely used for the bonding two separate parts under high temperature.
Vacuum Furnace
The Vacuum Furnace are well known for producing the products free from corrosion. These work efficiently and produce up to 3000 degree Celsius temperature. Further, these plants are fully automatic for convenient use.
Vacuum Graphitization Furnace
The Vacuum Graphitization Furnace is widely demanded by our customers. These products work under the absence of air, which assure its product free from corrosion. These are efficiently and consume less power.
Vacuum Hot Press Furnace
Our Vacuum Hot Press Furnace are widely used in the metallurgical industry. The main function of these machines is to press raw material by heating. Apart, from the metallurgical industry it is also used in the fabric, ceramic and diamond industry.
Vacuum Quenching Furnace
The Vacuum Quenching furnace works with the window to cool down the temperature. These furnaces have rapid cooling system which prevents the formation of crystal structure. Metallurgical industry widely use these machines.
Vacuum Sintering Furnace
These Sintering Furnace heat the solid mass material without melting it to the liquified point. These work under the vacuum without the presence of air and other gases make the product anti corrosion.