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CVD Furnace
CVD Furnace
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Product Description

CVD Furnace is used to carry out the chemical vapor deposition process. The process involves the deposition of the thin film of a substance from its gaseous state to a solid state on a substrate. This furnace is extensively used in the myriad industries such as chemical plants, metalworking, mechanical, automotive, etc. The design of the furnace is latest and innovative, therefore, the operator and easily work with this machine. Owing to its numerous striking features, unmatched ergonomics and user-friendly operation, this CVD Furnace is widely demanded in the domestic as well as global market. 

CVD Furnace manufactured by ACME Co., Ltd is designed with the latest technology and innovative features. Owing to its unmatched ergonomics and user friendly operation it is widely in demand in the domestic as well as global market. We can customize it according to the need of our clients. It uses Methyl Trichlorosilane (MTS) as air source to the material of the surface oxidation resistant coating and changes the characters of the matrix material.

This CVD Furnace is used to carry out the chemical vapor deposition process. It involves in the deposition of a thin film from gaseous to solid state on a substrate. It is widely used for CVD experiment under reaction temperature 800-1600℃. It is an ideal and affordable tool used in different industries.


  • This furnace is extensively used in various industries such as chemical plants, metalworking, mechanical, automotive, etc. High corrosive tail gas, solid dust and low melting point product, combustible and explosive gas can be treated effectively during the deposition process.


  • Film stress can be controlled by high or low frequency mixing techniques
  • Split furnace chamber for easy and fast tube access
  • Built-in dual voltmeters and amp meter for easy monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Built-in computer interface
  • Long life type K thermocouple
  • Slidable furnace option gives ultra fast cooling rates

Technical Features:

  • Horizontal chemical vapor deposition furnace which uses specially designed deposition chamber
  • It assures good sealing effect and strong anti pollution ability
  • Advanced control technology is adapted to precisely control the MTS flow and pressure
  • Stable deposition airflow and the narrow pressure fluctuation range
  • Anti corrosive vacuum unit which ensures long continuous working period and low maintenance
  • Multiple deposition channels achieve flow field uniformity
  • Non-deposition dead corner and better deposition effect
  • Working zone size can reach 2.5m × 2.5m × 5m

Optional Configuration:

  • Furnace door can be made Hinge turning type, trolley type, manual tight or auto lock-ring tight
  • Furnace vessel material can be all carbon steel, inner layer stainless steel or total stainless steel
  • Furnace hot zone can be soft carbon felt, soft graphite felt, hard composite felt, CFC
  • Heating element and muffle can be of isostatic press graphite, press high purity, strength and density graphite or fine size graphite
  • Process gas system can be volume/mass flow-meter, manual valve/auto valve or foreign brand/Chinese brand
  • Vacuum pump and gauge can be of foreign brand/Chinese brand
  • Simulation screen, touch screen or industrial personal computer
  • PLC can be of OMRON/Siemens
  • Temperature controller can be of SHIMADEN/EUROTHERM
  • Thermocouple can be C type, S type, K type, N type
  • Paperless recorder or paper recorder and foreign brand or Chinese brand
  • Electric components can be of CHINT/Schneider/Siemens
  • Load truck can be roller type, fork type or folded long distance driving type

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