Product Specialization
Our production experts make sure to develop our Sintering Furnace, Tube Annealing Furnace , Graphite Purification Furnace, Vacuum Graphitization Furnace, Vacuum Furnace, CVD Furnace in compliance to industry prevailing standards & norms. Each one of our offering is unique in its own features, and the technology which it contains is the most advanced in this industry. We believe that as long as we deliver innovative quality products to customers, we will continue to earn prominence in this market. By focusing on the same, we ensure we embed each furnace we design with the following 10 Key Technologies:-
  • Energy saving technology
  • High temperature isolation and insulation technology
  • High temperature expansion technology
  • Temperature precise control technology
  • Atmosphere precise control technology
  • C/SiC composite material production process and production line technology
  • Nano structure surface strength material technology
  • High performance cemented carbide production technology
  • Aerospace engine material technology
  • Thermal purification technology

Application of Products
Our company has attained huge appreciation from all over the world for being a reliable manufacturer of furnace. Our vast product portfolio is best in terms of quality & durability because we seek to attain a clientele that belongs to various industries. Consequently, we are able to serve products that can be applied in industries of Aviation, Automobile, Aerospace, Additive Manufacturing, Chemical and etc.

Features of Our Company
Business dealing with us is undoubtedly the best option for the clients. This is because we are a business firm that is backed by a set of attributes, which help us in attaining excellence over other companies. Here are a list of those features:- 
  • We are a business firm that is backed by more than 400 employees.
  • The manufacturing of our Vacuum Graphitization Furnace, Graphite Purification Furnace, Vacuum Furnace CVD Furnace, etc.,  is done within our own premises under strict surveillance.
  • We are a client focused company that never disappoints its customers
  • Our offerings contain 10 Key technologies that makes our range surpass offerings of other companies.
  • The range of furnace we serve has a one year warranty.

A Company That Customizes

We give paramount importance to our customers' suggestions as we consider them as the integral part of the entity. By doing this, we want to convey them that their interest matters a lot to us and we try our level best to provide them with sufficient benefits in the best possible manner. Consequently, we as per the requirements of customers customize the furnace we serve.