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A highly reliable manufacturer of technologically advanced Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace, CVD Furnace, High Vacuum Furnaces, Vacuum Furnaces, Vacuum Graphitization Furnace, Vacuum Diffusion Bonding Furnace, Vacuum Hot Press Furnace, and more...

We are Advanced Corporation For Materials & Equipments Ltd. - A business entity that since its inception has been earning praise for developing and serving the most commendable quality Vacuum Annealing Furnace, Reduction Furnace, Vacuum Debinding Furnace, Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace, Induction Heating Furnace, CVD Furnace, High Vacuum Furnaces, Vacuum Furnaces and a lot more products. We are a trusted manufacturer & exporter of these aforementioned products, who never seek to disappoint its customers. The personnel who are employed in our facility are sincere, and are always willing to achieve the most for us so that they can make us prosper in this industry along with attaining personal growth.

With a determination to earn prominence on a global level, we assure our clients that purchasing our offerings will never let them down. This can be assured by us because we implement latest quality control technology so that each furnace we serve is flawless in every aspect. The Quality Control Department we have maintained in our facility have professionals who strictly check and test the quality of furnaces we manufacture before approving them for delivery.


Product Specialization

We make sure to develop our Vacuum Graphitization Furnace, Graphite Purification Furnace, Vacuum Furnace CVD Furnace, in a manner that we remain distinct from other business entities of this industry.

Application of Products

We are a globally renowned business firm that is praised in several industries for being a premium manufacturer of furnace. The portfolio of our offering is vast, and it contains best quality

A Company That Customizes

We listen to what our customers suggest. By this we understand what is the best possible way for us to make them understand that we can benefit them greatly in every possible manner.